Structural Health Monitoring, Gathering and Workshop 2019

Indonesia, as a developing countries has large ongoing projects such as smart cities use this system to monitor the overall health of infrastructure. Infrastructure development such as roads, bridges, tunnels, dams have a role in shaping the future of Indonesia.

The SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) system becomes a necessity for use in newly built infrastructure. It also outlines the significance of sensors that can be replaced, maintained and durable with up to 25 years of service life.

SHM is an integrated technology of data acquisition and transmission systems, sensors, analytical tools, and gauges, and software. The system plays an important role in detecting damage using predictive maintenance, increasing the safety of structures, and enabling automatic responses, thus saving time and money.

So, September 25, 2019 will be an important moment for executives in the construction of public facilities in Indonesia to ensure the security of infrastructure on a SHM basis. (erw)