LUWES WATER SENSOR is a system of development results in the surface level surface level of water. 

The system is equipped with various devices that can be used to store data, send and store on cloud servers, and display data in real time by accessing devices such as personal computers, laptops and mobile phones.

Advantages of Luwes Water Sensor
• Data logger equipped with GPS for determining accuracy Time and mengantipasi in case of deviation.
• Transmission of real time data to the cloud server using GPRS.
• Storing 4GB of data, accessible via USB, capable of recording data for five years.
• Mastering the power of 20 watts of peak solar cell, which can last within 4-5 days.

Luwes Water Sensor observation compatible with radar and pressure gauge sensors.

Data Transmition and Web Display
• Transmission of realtime data from sensor to cloud server Delivery via GPRS per second or per minute.
• Data users monitor online data through realtime web graph display via multi platform rides such as personal computers, laptops, and android phones.
• Graph data has a varied display per 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, and time intervals specified by the user.
• Numerical data can be downloaded in xls, svi format.
• Data observers can be displayed on the map of the monitoring location. (click here to see sample data)

Coverage Observation Area
Water Level Monitoring has been conducted on marine areas, river rivers and dams. Luwes Water Sensor designed for various functions, among others, as follows;

• Monitoring disasters such as tsunamis, storms, tidal waves, floods, and raiding.
• Monitoring the sea, such as supporting port activities, tides, marine navigation, sea sports, global air sport due to global warming, fish farming, hydrographic surveys, oceanography.
• Monitor the activities of rivers, lakes, dams, irrigation and hydrological studies.