Luwes Structural Health Monitoring
Building Health Monitoring Structural Health, which can be called Structural Health Monitoring aims to provide data related to the performance of the structure, diagnose the condition of the constituent material, the data of each different parts, and data from the assembly of each component structure into one part.

Product Applications
• Bridges and dams
• Vessels and platformS
• Wind  turbines
• Buildings and stadiums
• Airframes

Structural Health Monitoring is the result of incorporation of various micro technologies (MEMS) with an embedded gauge on the structure to get data, record and analyze in real-time.

In a long time, the structure of the building that is operating, will experience the aging process. Complex environmental conditions and excessive loads can trigger various causes of building damage and risk losing out. Meanwhile, the cost of building maintenance, repair or replacement of structures in buildings is relatively expensive and requires a complicated effort.

It is important for building management to keep up-to-date and continuous information about the condition of each structure as well as early detection of building degradation symptoms in order to anticipate earlier damage.

PT Luwes Inovasi Mandiri affiliated with BeanAir® provide Wireless Sensor Network solutions for enriched building engineering practices to accurately monitor assets remotely.*

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